DCTA Business Center

Business Center

Executive Team
Name Role Email
Raymond Suarez Chief Executive Officer rsuarez [at] dcta.net
Marisa Perry Chief Financial Officer mperry [at] dcta.net
Kristina Holcomb Vice President, Planning and Development kholcomb [at] dcta.net
Nicole Recker Vice President, Marketing and Communications nrecker [at] dcta.net
Name Role Email
Danny Bailey Assistant Vice President, Rail Operations and Maintenance dbailey [at] dcta.net 
Michelle Bloomer Assistant Vice President, Bus Operations and Maintenance mbloomer [at] dcta.net
Javier Trilla Senior IT Manager jtrilla [at] dcta.net
Ann Boulden Senior Project Manager aboulden [at] dcta.net
Alex McGlinchey Manager of Rail Operations amcglinchey [at] dcta.net
Rony Philip Director of Railway Systems rphilip [at] dcta.net
Rose Jerome Project Controls Coordinator rjerome [at] dcta.net
Troy Raley Business Manager, Bus Operations and Maintenance traley [at] dcta.net
Rusty Comer Business Manager, Bus Operations and Maintenance rcomer [at] dcta.net
Marco Arancibia Data and Business Analyst marancibia [at] dcta.net
Kyler Hagler Network Administrator khagler [at] dcta.net
Gaye Morton Construction Inspector gmorton [at] dcta.net
Planning and Development
Name Role Email
Jonah Katz Senior Planner jkatz [at] dcta.net
Lindsey Baker Director of Strategic Partnerships lbaker [at] dcta.net
Name Role Email
Amber Karkauskas Controller akarkauskas [at] dcta.net
Amanda Riddle Budget Manager ariddle [at] dcta.net
Athena Forrester Assistant Vice President, Regulatory Compliance/DBE Liaison aforrester [at] dcta.net
Mackenzie Armendariz Human Resources Manager, EEOC Liaison marmendariz [at] dcta.net
Chrissy Nguyen Senior Accountant cnguyen [at] dcta.net
Whitney Trayler Accountant I wtrayler [at] dcta.net
Janell Tepera Procurement Specialist jtepera [at] dcta.net
Laura Mitchell Grants and Contracts Compliance Manager lmitchell [at] dcta.net
Marketing & Communications
Name Role Email
Adrienne Hamilton Communications Manager ahamilton [at] dcta.net
Kelly Briggs Community Relations Manager kbriggs [at] dcta.net
Kayleigh Bywater Marketing Coordinator kbywater [at] dcta.net
Jade Jackson Communications Intern jjackson [at] dcta.net
Kiera Geils Marketing Intern kgeils [at] dcta.net
Name Role Email
Linda Blakley Executive Assistant lblakley [at] dcta.net
Brandy Pedron Executive Assistant bpedron [at] dcta.net