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The DCTA Employee Pass Program offers Denton County-based businesses a discount on annual passes for employees. Partner with DCTA today to extend sustainable, low-cost transportation options to your employees. As an employer, you want to offer benefits that will attract and retain high-quality employees. As a business in our community, you want to have a reputation for being responsible and innovative. DCTA’s Employee Pass Program gives you the opportunity to offer a low-cost transportation benefit to your employees and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Benefits to Employers

  • Offer a cost-effective benefit to your employees
  • Acquire a valuable tool for employee recruitment and retention
  • Choose how much to subsidize based on your business model and employee needs

Benefits to Employees

  • Save on gas and mileage
  • Take advantage of time that used to be spent focusing on the road
  • Reduce your individual carbon footprint

Benefits to the Community

  • Breathe cleaner air from lower carbon emissions
  • Proudly support local business
  • Enjoy reduced traffic congestion on the roadways

Program Overview


More Information:

DCTA offers a free consultation to determine the best plan for you and your employees. Schedule an appointment with Employee Pass Program representative Kelly Briggs at kbriggs [at] dcta.net.