Schedule Changes

On Monday, January 14, 2019, big changes will go into effect for Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) passengers. The agency will implement fare, service and schedule changes that will provide more real-time mobility options, easier fare structure, permanent lower local ticket prices and updated programs to better serve riders. 

The service and schedule changes include: 

  • The addition of the Lewisville Lakeway Zone: DCTA will launch a new on-demand, microtransit service that will provide travel options for those needing to access the Lakeway Business Park area in Lewisville and surrounding businesses in the designated zone. There will also be a stop at DCTA’s Hebron station for connections between Connect Routes 21 and 22, the A-train and the Lewisville Lakeway Zone.
  • Updates to Route 7:  The routing has been changed so it no longer travels from Hickory, north on Locust to McKinney, and south on Railroad to the Downtown Denton Transit Center (DDTC). The new routing has it traveling continuously down Hickory Street until it gets to the DDTC. In addition, DCTA updated the schedule. 
  • Updates to Route 21: The portion of this route that serves the Lakeway Business Park Area in Lewisville will be replaced with the new Lewisville Lakeway On-Demand service.    
  • Mean Green Night Rider and Discovery Park Campus Shuttles: The Saturday schedule for both UNT Campus Shuttles will become the current Sunday schedule.