We are closely monitoring what is happening with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and will provide updates of any new information that could impact riders’ commutes as it becomes available. Passengers can stay informed by visiting DCTA’s official COVID-19 web page and frequently checking the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Safety and Security




At DCTA - Your Safety is Music to Our Ears

Riding DCTA is a fun experience, and we want to ensure that you navigate our system safely to get to your desired destination. Safety is a top priority for us… that’s why it’s music to our ears.

We strive to keep our employees properly trained on all safety measures and our vehicles in compliance with federal rules and regulations in order to maintain a safe environment for our employees and passengers.

At DCTA, it’s important for us to inform passengers about key safety policies and tips so you can avoid hazards and prevent incidents. Check out some fun tunes and tips to put into practice every time you ride DCTA!

Don't Stand, Don't Stand So, Don't Stand So Close to Me*

We really like you, but for your safety we need you to stand a safe distance from our train tracks. The following tips address appropriate behavior to follow when you’re on our A-train platforms, crossing the tracks or near our tracks.

  • Be Safe On Our Platforms: Stand behind the yellow rumble strip along the edge of the A-train platform while waiting.
  • Be Careful When Crossing the Tracks/Street: Only cross railroad tracks at designated crosswalks. Look both ways before crossing the street or tracks. Listen for signals when crossing the tracks.
  • Don’t Play Near the Tracks: Never walk, ride or play on or near railroad tracks.
  • Crossing Safety: Call DCTA Rail Dispatch at 972.829.0901 if your car becomes stalled or stuck on the tracks for any reason or if the lights and gates are not operating properly. The dispatch number can easily be found on the blue sign attached to the signal pole located at each crossing. The crossings are identified by their unique TxDOT number also conveniently located on the Railroad Mile Post.

*Original song written by Sting.*

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What it Means to Me*

A little respect can go a long way. The following tips address appropriate behavior to follow when interacting with our drivers and passengers, following signage, and interfacing with our vehicles.

  • Don’t Distract the Driver: Refrain from behavior that can distract the driver.
  • Obey All Signage: Make sure to follow all vehicle, platform and crossing signage.
  • Stay Out of the Aisles: Don’t obstruct aisles. Keep your hands and feet inside the seating area.
  • Don't Touch a Moving Vehicle: Refrain from touching the exterior of our vehicles while it's in motion. Don't knock on doors or windows to attract the operator's attention.

*Original song written by Otis Redding.*

Please Don't Go*

Staying put can be very wise in certain situations. The following tips address appropriate behavior to follow when riding the A-train or bus and when you’re near our vehicles:

  • Remember to Stay Seated: Always wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop before boarding and exiting. Remember to stay seated and out of the aisles while the vehicle is in motion. If you need to stand, make sure you have firm footing and are holding the railing securely.
  • Signal the Driver: Always signal the driver by waving to them before stepping in front of the bus.
  • Don’t Run After our Vehicles: Don’t run after a bus or A-train. If you miss your ride, use our Transit Tracker system to find the next closest vehicle.

*Original song written by Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch*

We Don't Talk Anymore*

Don’t be afraid to call. The following tips address things you can do to ensure your safety while riding DCTA.

  • If You See Something, Say Something: If you see something suspicious or other passengers behaving inappropriately, say something. You can tell a DCTA employee or call 9-1-1.
  • Use Our Emergency Call Boxes: In case of an emergency, use the emergency call box on our A-train platforms.

*Original song written by Charlie Puth, Jacob Kasher, Hindlin and Selena Gomez*

I Want to Hold Your Hand*

We want to ensure all of our riders know how to safely use our system. The following tips address how to safely ride our system with a mobile device:

  • How to Safely Board with a Mobile Device: If you need a ramp to board the bus, ask the driver for assistance. Stand away from the entrance while waiting for the automatic ramp to extend and lock.
    • Riders in a Wheelchair - If you're using a wheelchair, please allow the operator to secure your device for you.
    • Riders with Strollers - When traveling with a stroller, remove your child from the stroller and fold the stroller up after entering the bus.
  • Offer Your Seat to Those Who Need One: Take a stand and offer up your seat for those who may need one.

*Original song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney*